What to Look for in a Capital Campaign Consultant

When a church begins to look for a capital fundraising consultant, they can quickly come to realize there are a lot of companies out there, with even more capital campaign consultants. How does a church make the right decision about who to hire? Answer the following questions and it will help you narrow your search and help you zero in on the right one.


What do they believe?

A campaign consultant should have the same beliefs as the church they are intending to serve. Basic questions like, ‘do they believe the Bible is the Word of God’, or ‘that Jesus is the son of God’, ‘that faith in Christ is essential to salvation’, ‘that Jesus was physically raised from the dead’, ‘that Jesus is coming again’ are all great ways to determine if the consultant’s beliefs align with your church.


Will they help with the campaign organization?

Getting the campaign organized and having the right leader in place will be essential to the success of your campaign. Will the consultant help the church put together the capital campaign and will he or she help to select the leaders? Every position will require a certain skill set and commitment level in order for the campaign to be successful.


Who will train the volunteers?

Obviously, it is difficult to train folks if you have not done a capital campaign yourself. So, it is essential that the consultant do the campaign training.


Who will provide the campaign literature?

Obviously, it will be simpler and easier if the consultant furnishes the materials needed for the campaign. It would take a lot of time and effort away from the campaign to start from scratch and develop original material and content.


Will they help articulate the vision?

The church’s vision will be the most important aspect in a successful capital campaign. Will the consultant help clarify and articulate the vision so that everyone involved (i.e. the congregation) can understand and be a part of it? To better understand vision and the importance it plays in your capital campaign, click here to complete a short form to receive our Free 6 Step Guide that will help you accomplish His vision for your church.


Will the consultant help to build confidence in the planning process?

Nothing leads to success like previous successes. The right consultant should have a history of successful church capital campaigns behind them.


Are they flexible?

A good consultant will be able to handle adversity and changing situations. Flexibility will be a key to success.


Will the consultant fit in with the culture of the church?

Every church is different, so the consultant will have to be able to fit into the church.


Will the consultant help with follow-up once the campaign ends and the collection of money begins?

Ensure that the consultant be available to help maximize the collection of the pledges.


Does the consultant have a track record of success?

Make sure you contact other churches and make sure they had a successful experience with the person you are thinking about using.


Finding the right capital campaign consultant for your church plays a very important role in the entire campaign process. Asking the questions above can help you narrow your search and greatly increase your chances of a successful church capital campaign. If you have further questions, fill out of Free Church Evaluation Form and we will get back to you with a custom evaluation and answers to your questions.


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